Water Treatment

Full or partial house water treatment installation.

Reverse Osmosis

Point of use to whole house systems.

Take treated water to the next level and eliminate up to 99% of dissolved soilds, chlorine, fluroide, micro organisims and heavy metals.

R.O. Purified water is great for cooking (no more mushy potatos and pasta), drinking water and the ice maker.

  • No more 18L water bottles
  • On demand 24-7
  • Low maintenance
  • Professionaly installed
  • Provides constant protection from –
    • Bacteria
    • Coliform bacteria
    • E-coli
    • giardia and cryptosporidium cysts


Note: With R.O. systems designed for your whole house, the cost to maintain must be taken into consideration.

Liquid Chlorination System

  • 180 gallon retention tank
  • Liquid Chlorine injection pump
  • Constant pressure pumps
  • Multi media carbon filter
  • Solves iron problems – Iron staining, rotten egg odor
  • Provides constant protection from –
    • Bacteria
    • Coliform bacteria
    • E-coli
  • No more shock treating your well
  • Constant water pressure in your home
  • low maintenance
  • Professional installation

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Other Water Treatment options

  • Water Softeners
  • Iron filters
  • Carbon / Multi media filters
  • Sand filters
  • Inline filters
  • Point of use carbon filters

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If your on municipal water (city water) or on your own well, we can improve your water quality.


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